LapWall provides you with an easier and more affordable alternative!
The wide product range of LapWall saves money even in the design phase.
The fastest delivery in the west!
No more lengthy construction phases at the mercy of the weather.
Ready installed – superfast shelter for the rain!
The construction lead time is reduced by several weeks.
An attractive result with lower costs.
Request an offer of LapWall building elements – you’re in for a pleasant surprise!
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LapWall in short

LapWall Oy produces wall elements for the construction of blocks of flats, row houses, detached and semi-detached houses, and for the growing day care and nursing home markets. Our factories are equipped with modern technology, which enables efficient supply chain management from placing an order to installation.

We manufacture our high-quality elements to accurate dimensions already at the factory, which not only improves the quality of construction but also makes it faster. We can also provide installation of our products as an additional service. More about us

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High-quality LapWall building elements for large and small projects.

Request an offer and book the delivery date right away.

Tel. +358 44 717 3076